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We choose RUUD.

Air Conditioning Plus is a proud provider of one of the most quality and affordable units that money can buy. RUUD is heads and shoulders ahead of the rest when it comes to design, technology, efficiency and effectiveness. RUUD has continuously provided North America and the rest of the world with the most reliable and effective air quality and controlling units for over 100 years. Because of the similarities in values between RUUD and Air Conditioning Plus we have and continue to offer RUUD products.

Because buying a new Air Conditioning is a big decision we want to offer a few questions to keep in mind when making that decision in an effort to alleviate a little stress:

What makes a unit good?

You want to find units that operate most effectively but use the least electricity as possible. In other words, the most efficient. You also want to find the unit that lasts the longest and is as quiet as possible.

How do I know if they are built to last?

You want to identify things like heavier metal in the casing all over the unit, but more specifically you want to find units that have heavier metal around those exposed coils to offer better protection to things like weed-eaters and sticks. Also, RUUD has reported that scroll compressors are the quietest and most efficient compressors on the market. For this reason scroll compressors are a great feature when buying an AC.

How do I know if an AC is efficient?

You look for a little acronym- SEER. As the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating increases the efficiency of the unit increases. You want the most efficient unit you can possibly obtain because although the initial cost is higher, the unit will easily make up the difference in cost by your monthly savings in electricity.

How do I know if my unit is big enough for my house?

There are many different ways that people try and guess the correct size of AC for a house. However, it is impossible to calculate correctly because so many factors are involved. We recommend getting a "load calculation" done. This takes into account things like number of windows, number of doors, the way the house is facing (north, south, east, west), insulation factors, square footage, and many other aspects. The cost is reasonable and it is an invaluable piece of information when purchasing a new AC unit.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when making the choice to purchase new equipment. Please remember that if you have any other questions we would love to hear from you and help at any point in time.